How can you wake up with makeup?

Want to save time, ditch all those expensive products and never worry about your makeup smudging off? Book your consultation to learn more about microblading and micropigmentation; we'll determine if you are a good candidate for a procedure; and we'll discuss your colors and preferences. The $50 consultation fee is then applied toward any service you complete.


Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty using modern techniques of microblading and micropigmentation.

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Owner and Master Permanent Makeup Artist Samantha is passionate about empowering women and helping boost confidence.  She has specifically trained and is certified in applying permanent cosmetics using these techniques to produce very natural results.  She has practiced tattoo art in Louisiana, Miami, Argentina and Illinois.  And she’s been nominated multiple times for Best Tattoo Artist in the Pantagraph Reader’s Choice contest!  She does only tattoos all day long – no facials, no waxing, etc. distracting her from her art.  And she is the BEST with the MOST tattoo experience of any area provider.  We like to call her Chief Eyebrow Goddess!

Samantha’s favorite tattoo style is realism and this led to expanding her talents into permanent cosmetics – a specialized form of tattooing.  Samantha is the ONLY provider in the area offering both microblading and micropigmentation.  What’s the difference?  Micropigmentation lasts longer and is done with a machine vs. a hand tool.

Permanent cosmetics procedures actually use semi-permanent pigments which naturally fade over time (similar to permanent hair coloring).  Permanent cosmetics are for both women AND men!  Permanent cosmetics are perfect for:
  • thinning eyebrows due to over plucking or waxing, cancer, alopecia
  • people tired of applying cosmetics every day
  • active people who like to exercise and sweat
  • people with visual or physical limits for applying cosmetics
  • contact lens wearers
  • breast reconstruction
  • receding hairlines or thin spots
  • scar and stretch mark camouflage
  • saving time every day

Let us help you wake up with makeup!






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