Julie Pleskovitch

Recently got permanent eyeliner (top and bottom). Thrilled with the results! I wasn’t sure what to expect but Sam is a true professional and put me at ease right away. First, she applied lidocaine to my eyes so I wouldn’t feel any pain. I just felt some pressure and some vibration during the actual application of pigment. I did have some slight burning due to some ink or lidocaine getting in my eye but very transient. Some epinephrine was applied after to keep swelling to a minimum. I took ibuprofen for the first couple days to keep swelling down and applied coconut oil several times a day. Some itching and discomfort occurred around days 6-9 after and had some flaking off which is normal. It was hard not to scratch! I went back for touch up after 5 weeks and repeated the procedure to define the lines and did the same aftercare regimen. My morning routine is more streamlined and I’ve gotten many compliments on my new eyeliner. Also, I don’t need to pull out the magnifying mirror to struggle with drawing on a straight line! Highly recommend this to everyone. I love to wake up with makeup! Thank you Sam!

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